I solve business problems with software.

Full-stack engineer. Entrepreneur. CTO at WeFix.

I'm your host, Petrus Theron, a software engineer in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been building commercial web applications professionally since 2003. More about me →.

Formal Education

I have a degree in Electronic Engineering with Computer Science from Stellenbosch University.

Product Design

I have taken several software products from concept to implementation.

UX Design

I design gorgeous user interfaces that are intuitive and simple to use.

Software Architecture

I am experienced in designing large, scalable software systems in various technologies.


I have built and run several online stores since 2007 which sold digital and physical products by accepting international credit card payments.

Branding & Copywriting

I can communicate well in the written and spoken word, with a good feel for memorable branding.

This site is a custom ASP.NET MVC 4 application with MongoDb as a backing store. It utilises the following technologies:

  • Amazon Route53 for DNS
  • Hosted on a dedicated Windows® Server 2008 box in Hope St, Cape Town
  • StructureMap for dependency injection / inversion of control
  • Custom ASP.NET membership & role providers for MongoDb
  • Bootstrap with a customised Metro theme for the front-end
  • jQuery
  • CodeMirror for in-browser markup editing
  • Amazon S3 storage for hosting image

The source code for this site is hosted on GitHub.

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