Touch typing is my most-valued auxiliary skill. It impacts everything I do for a living, from design, development to writing email. But it took me thirteen years to accurately type 100 words per minute on a QWERTY keyboard because I trained incorrectly.

I could have saved thousands of hours spent typing essays if I had started training with the right tools before varsity. And with the proper training, you can reach those speeds in months instead of years.

A path to better typing

  1. Focus on accuracy before speed, or you will just type badly, quickly. Only work on speed once you reach 95%+ accuracy.
  • Use the correct fingers and always return to the home row, even if it's slower at first. Guitar practice won't hurt.
  1. Remap Caps Lock to Backspace. This can increase your speed by 10% overnight just by maintaining your home row position.
  • Pro tip: To unlearn the old Backspace key, remap Backspace to Spacebar. Every time you press the old key, you will be forced to press the new Backspace key twice.
  1. Practise your slowest letters with a typing tutor. Those incremental changes add up.

Typing Tools

  • Type Faster - to train.
  • SharpKeys - for remapping keys.
  • Typer Shark - a fun way to practise with a limited character space (a-z).
  • Keymapper - to quickly remap Caps Lock to Backspace on other people’s PCs.