Metacognition means thinking about thinking, or knowing one's own consciousness. Carl Rogers' 1951 theory of the self includes the following proposition:

The organism has one basic tendency and striving - to actualise, maintain and enhance the experiencing organism.

As I mature, I feel a strong urge to strive toward self-actualisation and realisation of myself. How can I achieve this without knowing and understanding my own weaknesses and involuntary desires?

Self-control wavers. Life hacks help me compensate for, but not suppress, those urges. I know I will eventually eat every chocolate cookie I stash in the pantry, so I must avoid purchasing them in the first place.

Shopping on a full stomach is one way to compensate for basic chocaholic urges and reduces decision fatigue on-queue at the supermarket. By apprehending my own weakness, I can lighten my cognitive load and maintain a healthier diet.

Before sending angry emails, I should wait. I know from experience I will feel different once I have cooled down. Then I can save face before spitting fire. The desire to CC in many people is a good heuristic for this.

Acknowledging character flaws seems like the equivalent second step toward mastery of oneself, that of conscious incompetence. In striving toward self-actualisation, how do you compensate for character flaws and involuntary urges?