MyNames now accepts credit card, Bitcoin and instant bank deposit payments! Visit MyNames, and own your brand, today.

As of this morning, MyNames accepts credit card, Bitcoin and instant EFT payments for domain registrations.

Why own your brand?

My good friends, Esté and Rhoda, were lucky enough to grab their first names, and while they were still available.

They now own a special place on the Web to host their professional résumé, blog or Instagram feed! In addition, a memorable email address communicates savvy and is a talking point on any professional business card.

These young professional ladies own their brand, and so should you. Why not try our best-of-breed domain search? Searching is fast and free!

MyNames now takes Credit Card, Bitcoin and Instant Bank Deposit payments.

Thank you:

  • Amazon Web Services for sponsoring Codebridge, where we build our garage-band startup.
  • Mike Jones for sharing his Python PayFast integration that helped me fix my bugs.
  • David Dunn, who built our best-of-breed suggestion algorithm during his six-week internship stint at MyNames.
  • Pierre for putting up with me when I break Redis with rm -rf /var/log.

What's next?

Coming soon: an even better shopping experience, better search and a better DNS interface.

If you have any feedback, please email me at