I originally modelled the MyNames' login screen after that of Amazon. My assumption was that millions of people would be familiar with their login/register flow and that the e-commerce behemoth must have spent thousands of dollars on user-testing to optimise conversion for their thin margins. I was wrong:

Behold, Amazon's Sign in Page

Amazon's Old Login Screen

Working from that, I ended up with what was the original MyNames login screen.

Old & Complicated

Old MyNames Login

Yuck. There's a lot going on, but it worked, for a while.

Let's break up the two main ideas of logging in and signing up into clearly contrasting tabs.

New & Clean

New MyNames Registration

There are a number of usability considerations:

  • Right-align the primary action, which is consistent with left-to-right reading in Western countries
  • Sufficient contrast between active and inactive tabs
  • Helpful placeholders

Already have an account?

New MyNames Login

We think this format places less cognitive load on the user. Do you think the new design is cleaner?